Sunday, February 10, 2013

Whip it good!

I'm sitting in class, when I whip one out.

No, not that.  Or that.

It's my perfect portable protein!  When I have class at night, I need snackage.  Typically it's a PB&J, which my classmate commented as a " brilliant" idea, but other times it's guacamole or a veggie patty on a whole wheat English muffin.  Either way, it's a balanced snack or mini meal.  The English muffin provides fiber, whole grains as well as a bit of protein. Nut butters provide fat and protein, and guacamole provides heart healthy fat too, and avocado.  (Avocados are awesome because they are rich in vitamin E and monounsaturated fat.). Either way, it's a pretty foolproof healthy eating idea.  It requires minimal planning and prep, just add items to this weeks grocery list and make your perfect portable the morning of or the night before.   It's also a money and waist saver, so you're not buying something last minute or something unhealthy that you didn't want.

Also, how often can you whip one out and someone thinks you're brilliant for doing so??

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh, snap! That's my jam!

I really want to try this recipe.  Over half the items can be found in my kitchen.  Including the crockpot.  Oh, the joys of having a well stocked pantry!!

OK, so I don't have pounds, and pounds of tomatoes stowed away, because that goes beyond being well stocked.  It would also make me weird.  Obsessively, stocking tomatoes...Anyhow. I got to try some tomato jam at Waffle & Wolf in Brooklyn.  Now, Waffle & Wolf is by no means a low calorie dining experience... You're eating waffle sandwiches, filled to the brim with some indulgent toppings and ingredients.  But, when you are eating well overall, indulgence has a place, too, in your diet.

Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy....

Sadly, I won't be able to eat there everyday.  It's not close to me, and again, it's more of an indulgence than a staple.  That's why I really want to make some tomato jam.  First, I like saying it... Tomato Jammmmmmmmm!  Also, it packs a lot of flavor, being both sweet and savory, so I could use it in multiple ways, and use on healthier off whole wheat breads, make mini waffle sandwiches at home, add bit of oil as and turn it into a salad dressing...

Oh man, I have to start stocking tomatoes.

Monday, January 21, 2013

It's all Greek to me...

Greek Yogurt has been sprouting all over the place. You name it: supermarkets, Duane Reade, commercials, even a store in Times Square. But, what is it?

Greek yogurt is yogurt with less whey than regular yogurt. Whey, the liquid part, is mostly strained out. The majority of what remains is the curd (the other stuff that little Miss Muffet digs). It has less calcium than regular plain yogurt, but 2x the protein. This makes in an excellent snack or side accompaniment to a meal. The plain types can also be swapped for fattier dairy products in various recipes, such as sour cream.

As popularity of Greek yogurt increases, be leery of bars, dips, sauces made with Greek yogurt; they may contain little next to no yogurt at all. If you want the full benefit, stick with the yogurt itself. Best picks are kinds that have 0-2% fat. Some types are fruit flavored, or have fruit flavored packets that you can add in on the side. Just be sure to read the Nutrition Facts label to make sure it's added fruit, not added extra sugars and calories. A 6 oz cup should range about 120-190 calories, give or take.

I personally like to take a container, or just a ½ cup serving, and add vanilla, sweetener, spice, a tad of olive oil and dump it on a halved banana. It’s my version of a healthy “banana split,” and a well rounded side or snack with fiber, calcium and protein.

If Greek yogurt isn’t for you a la carte, try adding it to your favorite smoothie recipe, or cooking with it. Despite the changes I make in my diet, Greek yogurt remains a staple. The Greeks gave us democracy, the Olympics, and John Stamos! They must be onto something.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vegetarian in Name Only

I'm experimenting.  No, not in that way, or in the mad scientist way.  More in the trying new foods, delving into health way.

I've gone Vegan!  With yogurt!  No...Vegetarian!  Wait, no! ovo-lacto vegetarian, that sometimes eats chicken and bacon..

Okay, so I'm not a vegan.  Nor, am I downplaying being one..power in choice.  However, I am incorporating a lot more veggies into my diet and a lot less animal protein.  After reading The China Study, it just gently pushed me in that direction.  Read it!

The thing is, I don't want to live by such an extreme, I enjoy foods in many forms, and I want them all in my diet.  I've just added more of my favorite vegetables, legumes and fruits to my diet without having to live by a book, or a title.  I'm comfortable that way.  Also, a lunch time given it's the holidays, my co-workers hate me!  Fun!

It's definitely a large commitment.  I've taken to preparing my foods, and trying new dishes at home, but I've had some practice.  I like a lot of fresh fruit and Middle Eastern dishes, so I'm familiar with certain things and I keep many items in my pantry.  But, I haven't gone much further than'd be a whole other thing to go find specialty shops, or coupons, or restaurants.  That will come later.

Right now, I've got a great menu for the week, baked pancake, kale chips, pineapple chutney with whole grain tortillas, lentils and brownies. It just took a lot of time.  It saves me $$, I think I'm averaging somewhere between $7-9/daily for 3 meals and 2 snacks.

So, even if I'm whatever in name only, I'm aiming to be healthy for life.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

If I Never See Another Carrot Again..

Sometimes when I'm in one of my weird food moods, it strikes me that I am privileged that I can afford to have these moods.  Starving, sick and plain-out-of luck folks can't really afford these "moods."

So when I saw my old Alma mater's event to volunteer at God's Love We Deliver, I was excited.  I'd always been a bit curious about them, and since I work in a related field I'd been wanting to check it out.

It was a nice experience, even though I had cramps from excessive chopping, I somehow fashionably donned a hair net, and did something good.  It put me in a good food mood.  I think more folks should give them a day, there at GLWD, remember everyone has the right to good, nutritious food.  I know I have more than enough, so why not share a little?

Click to check out "God's Love We Deliver"