Sunday, November 8, 2009

Everywhere you look, there's a heart...

If you've grown up watching full house, I'd like you to close your eyes and remember the music they played whenever one of the kids learned a lesson. The really, really saccharine one.

Yeah! That ONE. Okay, ready?

Inspiration is important. What inspires you does not inspire me in the exact way. It's also important to be inspired because it's harder to deem the value of things as the world changes. Is your health important? Sure. Is money important? Of course! Are friends and family worthwhile? I ponder that last one a lot. (Kidding.) But, who tells you what or who is more important than the other when it comes to you?

I saw this last month on Rachael Ray. I think this man is super awesome. Not just awesome, but super awesome. It's proof positive that whatever you want, even the unlikeliest of the unlikely, it's always possible to achieve it.

Or, this man totally sold his soul. I haven't decided yet.

(Okay, tying this in now to the whole food thing.)

R.D. or R.D. no degree, I can't make you eat anything healthy, exercise, make good decisions or good judgments. That's up to you and inspiration. It's so easy to be demotivated, I get it. The world is a big, bad scary uninspiring thing.

But, if you find yourself uninspired, then what are you doing?

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