Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ubiquitous Must Have #8

Olive and canola oil!

They share the spot, they are BFFs in my kitchen.

Olive oil is like the really hot friend with the killer shoes. It's a great butter swap and the extra-virgin variety has the highest amount of monounsaturated fat of all oils.

I know, I know, nothing can replace butter, but have you ever made a stir-fry with garlic infused olive oil??? It makes butter look like a prom queen -- 20 years later -- with all it saturated fat and easy plasticity. Using the spritzer bottle trick, you can use it as a go to fat to start most your recipes and reduce the amount of butter you usually use (I know butter-lovers -- it's hard to let go).

Canola oil is kinda the unattractive friend with the awesome personality and dry wit. It doesn't have a flavor to it. However, it's got a great ratio of monounsaturated fat to saturated fat. You can use it to replace some of the butter in cake recipes, usually up to half, and still get a nice moist product. I learned this from Elie Krieger.

I've also used canola as a "fatback." I add a teaspoon of it to nonfat products. Seems dumb -- why don't I just buy the full fat product?? You can't control the amount of fat when you buy the full fat, with adding back canola oil, I know the fat I'm chewing. It's really great to add to nonfat yogurt and nonfat hot chocolate (when blended with a mixer or blender), you get the rich taste and mouthfeel and the benefits of unsaturated fat.

I <3 my BFFs and so does my actual heart!!

(Good EVOO cooking tips can be found here)

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