Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ubiquitous Must Have Item #6



Real cinnamon is very complex therefore worth the extra pennies. It's one of the spices that does sweet and savory equally well, lending it's great complexities to desserts, beverages and numerous ethnic dishes. It also has antioxidant credentials. You also don't have to be cook to enjoy it: a pinch or sprinkle on the right food and you're good to go. It's flavor ready.

I also think it smells awesome. I have a really poor sense of smell and when I smell something (pleasant), I'm elated.

Here are some random math/food equations starring cinnamon (NOT CASSIA):

cinnamon + chili powder = awesome

cinnamon + nutmeg = classic awesome

cinnamon + garlic powder + salt + pepper + sweet potato = odd, delicious awesome

cinnamon + spicy chili = yummy in the tummy

cinnamon + me = scratch this one...

cinnamon + cinnamon = kind of gross, there's a you tube video...too much cinnamon dries out the mouth

Cassia can't do the math. It's okay in basic desserts, but it lacks the notes (just like vanallin compared to real vanilla).

No fakes allowed. Cinnamon's a must must must have.

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