Sunday, December 20, 2009

Get your soup on

Soup is the quintessential sick day food. But, it's also just as versatile when you're well. Broth based soup is low in calories, and can be easily filled with vegetables so that you're getting some servings of your 5-a-day with minimal effort. (Creamy soups aren't so much, but I have a few tricks I use to turn my broth based soups into creamy ones without the fat, to be revealed at another time.)

To make soup is pretty easy, I just made this today, sans raisins because I hate them. I now have a bucket of soup in my kitchen! I can eat it cold, heat it up, pair it with bread, add meat to it, strain it and use the veggies as a sandwich filling..the soup is mine!

Had to do it.

I also had soup earlier, and I was equally proud of this mash-up. Last week, I took a canned soup, Progresso light Homestyle rice & vegetable, strained it --- by straining it you aren't eating all the sodium in the liquid -- and put in the fridge. Today, I took the leftovers and added some leftover seafood sausage from Trader Joe's and shredded green cabbage, then microwaved it to piping hot. It was quick, tasty, veggie pack and low in calories. I also had leftover, homemade buttermilk whole wheat biscuits, but really the soup mash up was so good, I could have done without them.

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