Saturday, December 5, 2009


Thanksgiving is usually the time to pack it on. It's gluttonous glory! That being said, I actually lost weight for thanksgiving. I've been on a streak, too, with last year being the only time I maintained weight vs losing weight.

I'm the anti-thanksgivingier, da da dum!
How do I do it? I really don't know, but here's some of my food for thought.

Run around a lot. If you're occupied, the natural push or high you get from dealing with things or getting things done propels you. Once you come back from this wondrous 4-day break, it seems to me that stuff piles up because everyone was in a hurry. If you actually finish a task, project or chore, it won't be waiting for you Monday.

Eat some orange things. Seriously. Comfort food can be fattening, but I've found a lot of starchy veggies that can cut the fat -- carrots, sweet potato, pumpkins and butternut squash. They are often high in fiber, high in Vitamin A and have natural sugars that can really add a mellow sweetness to dishes. This is before of course you bake them, fry, or lard and load them up with stuff.

For lunch last week I made my first Sheppard's pie, which combined leftover turkey, fresh veggies (you could use frozen but I opted fresh) and store-bought butternut squash I had leftover. It was seriously comforting, and it totally used up all my leftover turkey.

Innit purdy? It was goooooooooooooood, too.

Be happy. Holidays usually lead to get-togethers which usually lead to some sort of distress -- it can be travel plans, store-lines, not enough time off, traffic, the family members themselves -- all very stressful in bad wats, but what about the eustress?

What is eustress?
Eustress is happy stress. (Even my spellchecker doesn't know what eustress is) I was happy for the freaky, apocalyptic weather of the week, the day off to sleep in, cyber monday deals, and just generally feeling so-so or okay with the world.

Hope your holiday was happy, and slimming.

This is also a shout to my brother. He enjoyed the day, and is slimming down as we speak. Good job, bro!

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