Saturday, August 28, 2010

Frankensteining Fun

I've created a monster! IT'S ALIVVVEEEEEEEE!

It's......................a raw smoothie.
Had to do it!
You can freeze avocados! I know, I'm a kook for being excited about that. I've debated with my produce guy, he kept whining about how it'll be black if I keep it too long. But, with the help of a good blade, a lime, and well sealed container, you can freeze an avocado. Simply slice it in the middle, rub down the innards with a touch of lime, and freeze. When you want to thaw, microwave the avocado on a low power, defrost of 30%, for 25-30 seconds. You can actually eat it like this, but I used it to make another green monster smoothie.
I didn't use any spinach or dates this time around. Instead, I blended a black tea, dried mint, a carnation packet and vanilla with the avocado. This makes a great breakfast start because it has vitamin E, (GOOD FAT!!), it's nicer green color than the other monster, and it has calcium, digestive powers of black tea and mint, and added vitamins from the packet.

You want to use items that play up the nutty part of the avocado, so think sweet and nutty, or bright and nutty. Perhaps spicy and citrus-y could work. The monster is yours to create, but of course, you can use DIY:Smoothie as a starting point.

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