Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bear necessities, the simple bear necessities

Last night, I could not get to sleep. It was weird, because hours before I sat down on my couch and just passed out. I woke up like 20 minutes later with a good case of ..."whaaaaaaaaa? I was asleeep?"

Then I got to thinking of things, many things. Eventually I got myself into bed, and that's it, no sleep for an hour because of the many thinking of things. Thinking bad.

Later on today, I'm blabbing this to my co-worker and she's notes that maybe I'm hibernating.

(That's totally what I look like after work. Don't judge.)

I laugh, and say, "nooooo...I do that, but I'm not doing that now." Then, I reconsidered her point. I've had random cravings for pretzels, fruit, crackers, egg white sandwiches, cake...carbs!

And today, similar thing...fruit, fruit, crackers, all carbs - all the time. And random sleep.

So, with all that in mind, if this is the time of the year you hibernate, embrace it! Hibernation celebration! Only, do some prep work. For example, look at my cravings, simple sugars yes, but I did strive for fresh fruit, multigrain crackers, and a lone bag of vending machine pretzels without added fat. The cake, while not a fruit, it's a lowfat recipe of my own.

I keep craving items on hand, but only a few. Everything else, I have to brave the cold, the cost and the lack of sleep to get them. I also analyze what I want. This Weight Watcher article is pretty spot on. It's a good way to keep your comfort cravings in check and still be comfortable. Just because you hibernate like a bear doesn't mean you have to look like one.

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