Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Foodprint: Dishing

Mapo Tofu.

A Szechuan dish and a decent Chinese restaurant that's a mere leap, skip or hop from Bryant Park. Mapo Tofu doesn't do anything in particular that's extraordinary, but what they do is Chinese food, and they do it well. Food has a good flavor, but elevated from your neighborhood Chinese take-out. There's no charm or gimmick: it's good, hot, wallet friendly food. At first glance, the prices seem pretty steep. But, that's pertaining to specialty dishes, and the entrees are nicely sized. And easy to health it up.

You can request many items steamed, I went for steamed veggie dumplings, steamed bok choy and chicken breast. (The steaming does take a while, as they use bamboo steamers, so don't go starving if you're steaming.) The bok choy was cooked excellently, crisp, but not overdone. They have brown rice upon request, in which they don't charge you extra, and you can ask for sauce on the side. The portions are nicely sized; I ate 1/2 my entree, with the remainder serving as lunch 2x for the following week.

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