Saturday, February 5, 2011

Foodprint: Dishing

Rev'd Up Pi:

Rev'd Up Pi is great. With that said..two bad things about it...1. it's so out of the way for me, and 2..kind of pricey, considering the recent influx of 99 cent pizza places around town. But, I love it. It's guilt-free pigging out.

For a healthy pizza place, they had a pretty diverse menu. The have their own version of pizzeria pizza that I did want to try, but again, funds were limited. All the more reason to go back another time.

I had the mac & cheese, garlic knots and the Wake Up personal pie. The Wake Up personal pie is just heaven on a plate. It tastes like the bacon & egg sandwiches my mommy would make for on a Saturday morning. Hot, crispy, egg fully cooked yet fluffy -- you could even get all whites -- but I err, forgot. And the bacon! It's turkey bacon! Fooled me!

Mac & cheese, kind of on the tangy side, but very gooey. I like gooey mac & cheese. I didn't know that the cheese was reduced fat until I re-read the menu.

Garlic knots. At first, I wasn't too keen on these. They're cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside, yet chewy and tender. I figured 2/3 three of my order was if the knots were bad, no real loss. Then, I opened up the marinara sauce -- real tomato flavor, schweet -- the sauce definitely makes the knots.

And, the staff was so nice to me. Brought my food out and packed up my what was on my plate after I finished. My leftovers almost didn't make it home.

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