Thursday, September 27, 2012

Renaissance Woman

Time and time again, I've stepped away from my blog.  I could easily blame time management, the loss of novelty, and many other things.  But, honestly it goes more into just ebb and flow of my life.
I'd like think that I go through renaissances when I think about my life in food.

Yes, my life in food.

Food and I go way back; we've had quite the relationship.  I've loved food for a long time, and while food can't really, truly love me back, it sustains me and continues to shape my life.  I love food and I always will.

I read Marcus Samuelsson's, "Yes Chef," over the summer and it made me want to blog again.  It also made me feel I had a kindred spirit with him when it comes to loving food.  I'm not a chef by any means, but I do love food, life and chasing flavors.

I've been given a gift: to live to eat and to eat to live.  I would like to someday be renowned in my field of study, but honestly, if I manage to "each one, teach one," I've given someone the same gift I've got.  I love that, too.

So, begins yet another Renaissance.

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