Sunday, October 7, 2012

If I Never See Another Carrot Again..

Sometimes when I'm in one of my weird food moods, it strikes me that I am privileged that I can afford to have these moods.  Starving, sick and plain-out-of luck folks can't really afford these "moods."

So when I saw my old Alma mater's event to volunteer at God's Love We Deliver, I was excited.  I'd always been a bit curious about them, and since I work in a related field I'd been wanting to check it out.

It was a nice experience, even though I had cramps from excessive chopping, I somehow fashionably donned a hair net, and did something good.  It put me in a good food mood.  I think more folks should give them a day, there at GLWD, remember everyone has the right to good, nutritious food.  I know I have more than enough, so why not share a little?

Click to check out "God's Love We Deliver"

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